Liebert PSI 750VA-3kVA


Liebert PSI 750VA-3kVA
High Performance Power Protection for Servers and Networking Equipment

This product is available only in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Liebert PSI is a feature-rich UPS system with industry leading 0.9 power factor. Its high power output delivers superior performance on power factor corrected (PFC) power supply and satisfactory backup time in the high demand environment. Liebert Multilink UPS software protects servers through local USB communication or via network. Matching external battery cabinets offer UPS backup time to several hours in the extended requirements (for Liebert PSI-XR models only).
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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Operates at a high 0.9 power factor that makes it ideal for today's modern IT equipment,
    providing 29% more power than typical UPS
  • Reduced installation time and costs - shipped with batteries connected and charged
  • Two-year warranty - no-hassle replacement
  • Supports Liebert Multilink shutdown software

Higher Availability

  • Greater than three to five minutes of internal battery backup time at 100% load provides ample time for an orderly shutdown of equipment.
  • Buck / boost automatic voltage regulation technology protects against utility voltage fluctuation by raising and lowering utility power to the level needed by connected equipment


  • Eight to nine battery-backed outlets for Liebert PSI models, six to seven battery-backed outlets for Liebert PSI-XR models
  • User-replaceable and hot-swappable batteries
  • Rack / Tower Convertible with rotatable display panel, 2U in height on all models
  • Multiple remote communications and shutdown options provide remote monitoring and power management - EB / SNMP, USB, contact closure and remote power off

The Liebert PSI is ideally suited for:

  • Network Computers
  • Servers
  • Network Closets
  • Computer Rooms
  • Large Network Peripherals
  • Network Storage Devices

The Liebert PSI is shipped with the following items: 

  • Multi-Language User Manual on CD
  • Liebert MultiLink Software and User Manual, downloadable at
  • Contact Closure (ML9P9S) Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Tower Stand
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Rack-Mount Handles
  • Fixed Mounting Rails
  • EPO Connector
  • Input Power Cord, 2200/3000 only: 2
  • IEC Output Cable, 750/1000/1500 only: 2
  • IEC Output Cable, 2200/3000 only: 3
  • (1) Schuko to IEC-320-C19 and (1) UK plug to IEC-320-C19 input cord, 2200/3000 only
  • (2) IEC-320-C13, 750/1000/1500 only
  • (3) IEC-320-C13, 2200/3000 only


Why is Emerson launching line-interactive UPS?
Aren't online types better?
  • Online UPs types are better than line interactive ones in terms of power regulation. Online UPS's have outstanding perfomance over poor power conditions such as rural areas and generator power.
  • Many users, especially in places where power conditions are monstly stable and reliable, do not mind whether they use online or line-interactive designs. They look at other features such as runtime, power delivery, communications, size and other factors.

How does a UPS with higher power factor benefit users?

  • UPS is rated both in VA and Watts. Exceeding the specified VA or Watts will cause the UPS to overload. 
  • Modern servers and networking devices are equipped with Power Factor Corrected (PFC) power supply, whose pf is as high as 0.98. It means if power supply is rated at 100VA, it is also rated at 98W. 
  • UPS's with 1000VA/900Watts can support nine (9) of such devices. UPS's with 1000VA/700Watts can only support seven (7) of such devices.

Can Liebert PSI have additional USB or RS232 ports?

  • No. PSI has one (1) USB, one (1) contact closure, one (1) remote power off, and one (1) Liebert Intellislot out-of-box. There is no optional card with ports.

Is Liebert IS-WEBCARD compatible with Liebert PSI?

  • Liebert PSI uses a new webcard, IS-WEBRT3, which is totally different from ISWEBCARD used by GXT2/GXT3. They are NOT interchangeable.

Can a Micropod for Liebert GXT2 be use with Liebert PSI?

  • A Micropod is useful when there is UPS fault and it needs to replace UPS.
  • Micropod can be used with Liebert PSI as far as electrical bypass is concerned. However, a Micropod needs to be rack mounted. It does not mechanically fit at the back of a Liebert PSI UPS.

What is the warranty period of Liebert PSI?

  • Standard micro UPS warranty (usually 2 years) applies

What sets Liebert PSI apart from competition?

  • High Power Factor in All Models
    • Pf 0.9 in all 5 ratings while competition may offer pf 0.9 on selected  models only and may cause confusion
  • Rack / Tower Convertible in Slim size
    • Convenient rack / tower in slim 2U compact design
    • Tower stands and rail kits are bundled with Liebert PSI
  • Micropod bypass switch increases availability