Liebert ITA 5-20kVA


Liebert ITA 5-20kVA
True On- Line Double Conversion Parallelable UPS

This product is available only in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Liebert ITA Series is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert ITA Series provides high efficiency and reliability with 0.9/0.8 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers flexibility with parallelable configuration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets.

Best-in-class Efficiency

  • Supports parallel operation up to 4 units N+X confi guration
  • Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection or use of large capacity battery bank
  • Outstanding energy-saving performance with more than 92% efficiency
  • Input power factor of up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate
  • Extra-wide input voltage / frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery; thus, prolonging battery life
  • Compatible with single-phase and 3-phase input power
  • Optional strong charging capability effectively reduces battery recharging time

Highly Reliable

  • Double-conversion online design that ensures continuous power even when the mains AC fails
  • Supports N+X redundant mode up to 4 units for increased system reliability
  • DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology and components to withstand fl uctuation of input main voltage
  • Provides latest USB monitoring interface
  • Optional WEB / SNMP card for remote management
  • Available in standard and long backup for 4 to 8 hours runtime. External charger is also available

Best Total Cost

  • 0.9 output power factor and can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary
  • UPS, suitable for latest server models (0.8 output power factor for 6KVA model)
  • Uses soft-wire parallel operation mode without the need for complex parallel subrack, allowing the user to save on system cost
  • High system effi ciency up to 94%, energy-saving and low operational cost
  • High power density allows the rack to have a smaller footprint
  • Standard two (2) years warranty for 5kVA and 6kVA models; one year warranty for 10, 16 and 20kVA models

The Liebert ITA Series is Ideally Suited for

  • Small computer rooms requiring long backup time (>30 minutes)
  • Branch offices
  • Servers
  • Network computers and peripherals
  • Storage device
  • VoIP

What Is Liebert ITA?

  • Liebert ITA is a new On-Line Double Conversion UPS series targeting to long backup and parallel requirement
  • Liebert ITA is available in 5kVA, 10kVA, 16kVA and 20kVA. All models are with PF0.9

How is Liebert ITA different from GXT2?

  • Both Liebert ITA and Liebert GXT2 are double conversion on-line UPS, providing best power protection
  • Liebert GXT2/GXT3 are suitable for IT standand backup time (5 minutes w/ internal battery and 30 minutes with external battery cabinets)
  • Liebert ITA is suitable for long backup time when large capacity battery bank is used. External charger is also available to fast recharge.

What is Power Capacity of Liebert ITA?

  • Liebert ITA 5kVA/4.5kW
  • Liebert ITA 10kVA/9kW
  • Liebert ITA 16kVA/14.4kW
  • Liebert ITA 20kVA/18kW 

What is difference between standard model and long backup model?

  • The standard model and long backup model look similar. Both do not come with battery. They may be connected with external battery cabinets (EBC).
  • Long backup model has strong charger suitable for longer backup time and faster recharge.
  • Long backup model is designed to connect to large capacity battery bank.

How many blocks of batteries are required for long backup models?

  • Sixteen (16) blocks of 12V batteries are required for long backup models. The higher the battery capacity (Ah), the longer the run time.

Are there receptacles available for Liebert ITA?

  • There are only hard-wired terminals on UPS box.
  • A battery cabinet rear-mountable/rack-mountable PDU is available.
  • There are receptacles available on 1+1 or 3+1 POD in parallel connection. 

What are needed for Parallel Operation?

  1. Parallel cable - must
  2. POD – highly recommended

Can battery cabinet or battery bank be shared in the parallel operation?

  • Yes but only for 16/20KVA model
  • 5KVA and 10KVA currently can not share the battery. A project to share the battery in on the way. Expected completion is end of 2010.

Can Liebert ITA use Liebert Multilink software?

  • No. Liebert ITA uses SiteMonitor software.

How many ITA units can be paralelled together?

  • Liebert ITA 5KVA: up to 4 units in 15KVA + 5KVA
  • Liebert ITA 6KVA: up to 4 units in 18KVA + 6KVA
  • Liebert ITA 10KVA: up to 4 units in 30KVA + 10KVA
  • Liebert ITA 16KVA: up to 4 units in 48KVA + 16KVA
  • Liebert ITA 20KVA: up to 4 units in 60KVA + 20KVA


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