Liebert SmartSwitch, 50Hz

Liebert SmartSwitch, 50Hz
Point-Of-Use Transfer Switch
This product is not available in Korea and Philippines

If your critical electronic equipment demands the reliability of redundant power sources, Liebert has a unique and dependable solution. The SmartSwitch provides rapid switching between two independent AC power sources, for uninterrupted operation of critical electronic equipment. It automatically transfers from the failing power source to the alternate source immediately upon detection of a problem — in less than six milliseconds. SmartSwitch's proven power switching technology allows dual AC power paths all the way up to the critical load for the ultimate in AC power system redundancy, power availability and fault tolerance.

Ideal Applications

  • Data Processing
  • Distributed Computing
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Other Critical Loads
  • Fast switching between two AC power sources makes power transfer time invisible to your protected equipment.
  • Manual and automatic transfer capability.
  • Selectable preferred input source without rewiring or load shutdown provides application flexibility and facilitates load balancing.
  • Integral maintenance bypass to both input sources for servicing convenience.
  • Hot-swap electronics allow module replacement without load shutdown.
  • Switched neutrals maintain isolation of the separate power sources and simplify grounding.
  • Break-Before-Make switching eliminates connecting together of the independent power sources, even under faulted conditions.
  • Diagnostics and transfer tests detect potential switch failures before the problem becomes critical.
  • Output receptacles are available to match your load specifications, simplifying system installation.
  • The NEMA 12 enclosure may be placed under a raised floor, mounted on a wall or used in a rack, based on your site needs.
  • ETL Listed to UL Standard 1008 for safety.
  • CE marked, complies with EMC and low voltage directives.
  • Liebert is an ISO 9000 company.
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