Liebert NX On-Line UPS 225000-600000VA


Liebert NX On-Line UPS 225000-600000VA
Transformer-free, High Efficiency, Scalable On-line UPS

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    The scalable Liebert NX 225-600kVA UPS is a transformer-free, high efficiency, on-line UPS. The UPS operates with unity power factor, providing more real power for data center equipment. Liebert NX allows Softscale™ capacity upgrades without increasing footprint — 225 to 250 to 300kVA; or 400 to 500 to 600kVA 480V, 60 Hz UL models.

    • More watts for your money – Unity Power Factor rated
    • Intelligent Eco-Mode is standard in every system – no upcharge for this feature or for the continuous-duty static switch
    • Reduced operating costs – up to 95% efficiency at partial load conditions during normal operation. Up to 98% efficiency in both partial and fully loaded conditions during Intelligent Eco-Mode operation
    • Large, user-friendly touch screen display
    • remote monitoring provides real-time monitoring of more than 150 operating parameters, immediate identification of problems, and detailed reporting
  • High energy efficiency in normal mode and Intelligent Eco-Mode™ operation
  • Softscale™ modularity allows capacity growth without increasing footprint
  • remote monitoring and reporting ensures UPS health
  • Liebert Services local support and 24x7 call center

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Provides high efficiency in both double conversion and Intelligent Eco-Mode operation – up to 98% efficiency.
  • Active IGBT Rectifier reduces size requirements for generator sets, circuit protection, cabling and transformers, minimizing installation and operation costs.
  • Optimizes battery life with temperature-compensated battery charging in both double conversion and Intelligent Eco-Mode.
  • Supports a full range of leading and lagging power factor loads without derating. Unity input and output power factor ratings deliver more real power for your money.

Higher Availability

  • True on-line, double conversion technology corrects for all types of power fluctuations.
  • Provides the highest output power quality, with advanced inverter control technology.
  • Optional dual bus synchronization of multiple UPS units when feeding independent distribution paths. Continuous-duty static switch standard - enables Ecomode operation,


  • Softscale technology conserves capital while providing an economical expansion path with minimal disruption.
  • Simple 1+N paralleling provides low initial cost and additional levels of redundancy.
  • Parallel up to 6 systems for capacity or redundancy.
  • High power density and small footprint deliver more kilowatts per square foot for efficient space utilization.
  • Automatically adapts to dynamically changing load power factors (leading and lagging) without derating, modification or recalibration.and is more robust and reliable than a momentary static switch design. Higher overload capacity results in more robust operation.

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