Partner Connect SEA Newsletter

Partner Connect SEA

An Interactive Monthly E-Mailer Series for Our Uptime Partners

Previously known as Asia Connect, the new Partner Connect aims to link the reseller community to its customers by providing timely information on market trends and growth drivers, insights on featured industry issue, downloadable white papers and customer testimonials.  As our regular cyber link to all uptime partners, Partner Connect contains quick tips and advices on best practices in enabling business critical continuity, tapping market potentials, product features with value propositions and other informative matters useful to Uptime Partners.

Free and exclusive subscription to Partner Connect is given to Uptime Partners. An Australia-New Zealand version is also availble for partners in ANZ.

​​​ October 2016 Issue​
5 Critical Retail Areas where Back up Power is Essential
​​ August 2016 Issue​
Rainproofing Your Customers’ Data Center

July 2016 Issue​
The case of real-world gaming and why Edge Computing matters

June 2016 Issue​
How to protect customers from new cyber threats: Understanding and preventing Denial of Service attacks

May 2016 Issue​
Is your customer’s data center weather proof?

April 2016 Issue​
A healthcare revolution in wearables

March 2016 Issue​
Harnessing the potential of e-Governance

February 2016 Issue​
Dissecting Data Center Downtime

January 2016 Issue​
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ripe or hype? We break down the challenges and prospects in supporting BYOD network edges

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