Partner Connect ANZ Newsletter

Partner Connect ANZ

An Interactive Monthly E-Mailer Series for Our Uptime Partners

Previously known as Asia Connect, the new Partner Connect aims to link the reseller community to its customers by providing timely information on market trends and growth drivers, insights on featured industry issue, downloadable white papers and customer testimonials.  As our regular cyber link to all uptime partners, Partner Connect contains quick tips and advices on best practices in enabling business critical continuity, tapping market potentials, product features with value propositions and other informative matters useful to Uptime Partners.

In 2010, Emerson Network Power Australia has started publishing Partner Connect ANZ to cater exclusively to the partners in Australia and New Zealand. For inquiries, please contact Jacqueline Hart​.


​​​ August 2016 Issue
Gotta Catch ‘em All? PokemónGo and why Edge Computing Matters​


July 201​6 Issue​​​
Health is Wealth: Know the Signs of a Healthy Data Centre

June 201​6 Issue​​​
3 Best Practices to Avoid DoS Attacks​ 

May 201​6 Issue​​​
Data Center 360◦: The Value of Environmental Monitoring 

April 201​6 Issue​​​
Healthcare Revolution: How I.T. is transforming the healthcare industry

March 201​6 Issue​​​
Harnessing Technology for the Bank of the Future ​

February 201​6 Issue​​​
Riding the Digital Wave in Retail ​

January 201​6 Issue​​​
Addressing Power Challenges at the Network Edge