Liebert Case Studies by Solution - Data Center Racks and Cabinets

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Liebert Case Studies by Solution - Data Center Racks/Cabinets
Liebert power technologies ensure the success of this non-profit's IP telephony deployment, adding reliable and uninterruptible power and ensuring phone system reliability and availability.
BAIS confidently achieves five nines of availability to its customers while providing unmatched efficiency through a unique data center design, employing economizers, efficient cooling technologies and cold aisle containment.
Liebert data center rack systems keep network equipment cool and computer network performance high.
To meet the stringent availability requirements dictated by the company’s robust service agreements, CDGI utilizes Liebert and Knurr solutions to facilitate efficient, high-availability data center infrastructure performance.
School is always in session thanks to Liebert integrated data center rack solutions, including high-availability uninterruptible power solutions.
Gridway Computing Corporation deployed the SmartAisle infrastructure including integrated row-based power and cooling to save space, cut costs and maintain a flexible plan for expansion. GridWay now supports its clientele  with a smaller, more energy-efficient data center footprint.
This national data center repository and national cyber-infrastructure center has improved energy efficiency in both the existing large data center and new small data center, establishing the facility as a green data center without impacting the availability of critical systems.
Liebert delivers reliable data center cooling and power protection for Nevada's first all-digital casino surveillance system.
Liebert XD data center cooling solutions provides focused high-capacity cooling for an innovative supercomputer cluster.