Liebert Case Studies by Issue Solved - Unified Communications

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Liebert Case Studies by Issue Solved - Unified Communications
Liebert power technologies ensure the success of this non-profit's IP telephony deployment, adding reliable and uninterruptible power and ensuring phone system reliability and availability.
Liebert solutions help this technology company achieve its business continuity objectives for advancing data center infrastructure design.
This New York school district relies on Liebert uninterruptible power technology to protect its money-saving VoIP implementation.
Liebert solutions ensure uninterruptible power supplies the network backbone, supporting IP telephony and managed services operations for this technology provider.
Liebert uninterruptible power technologies provide the always-on support data center infrastructure support that manufacturing automation demands.
DataCenter.BZ’s data center expansion is supported with a high-density power and cooling infrastructure optimized for efficiency and flexibility, without compromising its 2(N+1) high-availability operational commitment.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions help provide assurance for rapid response to security alarms, and support data center infrastructure reliability.
One of the largest emergency response systems in the US relies on Liebert data center solutions to deliver continuous availability for critical services.
This hospital demanded reliable data center infrastructure and VoIP systems to help deliver high-quality medical attention to its patients all around central Connecticut. Now, continuous data center power supports the consistent, accurate performance of critical electronics.
This leading airport employs uninterruptible power for one of the world’s largest and most reliable wireless hot spots, providing the first-class wireless connectivity travelers expect.
ISC sells Liebert data center power and cooling solutions, and the company also relies on them to gain uninterruptible power for their own VoIP network and $1 million demonstration lab facility.
Liebert uninterruptible power solutions help this university achieve success with its IP telephony deployment.
Liebert GXT uninterruptible power systems power the IP telephony rollout at Marquette, while data center management solutions permit remote monitoring.
Liebert uninterruptible technology eliminates battery problems and gives the university the confidence to implement VoIP.