Liebert Case Studies by Issue Solved - High Density Computing

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Liebert Case Studies by Issue Solved - High Density Computing
Liebert solutions help this technology company achieve its business continuity objectives for advancing data center infrastructure design.
BAIS confidently achieves five nines of availability to its customers while providing unmatched efficiency through a unique data center design, employing economizers, efficient cooling technologies and cold aisle containment.
When BayCare Health System needed a new data center design to support advanced applications such as a paperless medical record system, they chose Liebert data center cooling, uninterruptible power and monitoring.
Liebert products and services create an adaptive data center cooling infrastructure to eliminate emerging hotspots all the while providing data center solutions to support future business growth.
County government ensures the continuous operation of administrative functions by establishing remote, high density data center cooling for its IT operations.
DataCenter.BZ’s data center expansion is supported with a high-density power and cooling infrastructure optimized for efficiency and flexibility, without compromising its 2(N+1) high-availability operational commitment.
HESS increasingly depends on technology to support oil exploration and production. Liebert data center cooling and uninterruptible power solutions support high-performance computing.
This national data center repository and national cyber-infrastructure center has improved energy efficiency in both the existing large data center and new small data center, establishing the facility as a green data center without impacting the availability of critical systems.
Innovative high-density, data center cooling technologies including the Liebert XDR rack door cooling module and Liebert XDP refrigerant pumping units support high-performance computing at Sandia, reducing energy costs by 77 percent.
Scalable Liebert XD data center cooling solutions easily cools a new supercomputer while providing the capacity to support future growth and high-performance computing.
Scalable data center power and cooling solutions allow this fast-growing provider of Internet connectivity and data protection to increase the capacity of its data center infrastructure.
Liebert XD data center cooling solutions provides focused high-capacity cooling for an innovative supercomputer cluster.