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San Diego Supercomputer Center

The San Diego Supercomputer Center’s role as a national data center repository and national cyber-infrastructure center, coupled with a renewed role within the University of California system to become a key resource for the system’s researchers, led to the need to add both high and low-density data storage capacity. In 2006 the center broke ground on a new 90,000 square foot building, doubling the Center’s physical size and adding trillions of bytes of data capacity and powerful supercomputers.

Within this facility, SDSC maintains two data centers totaling approximately 19,000 square feet. The larger of the two data centers, at approximately 14,500 square feet, is also the older of the two. Known as the West Room, it utilizes a hot–aisle containment configuration. The newer data center, known as the East Room, is approximately 4,500 square feet. But as data needs grow with technology, so too does the need to encourage energy efficiency. With this in mind, SDSC partnered with Emerson Network Power’s Liebert Associates of Southern California representative office to optimize two unique data center deployments in pursuit of a singular goal: improve energy efficiency to establish the facility as a “green” data center without impacting the availability of critical systems.

Case Summary
Location: San Diego, California.

Products Services
Aisle Containment System from Emerson Network Power

  • Emerson Network Power 19” server racks
  • Modular ceiling solution
  • Vertical curtain door and ceiling solutions

Critical Need
Improve energy efficiency in both the existing large data center and new small data center.

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Founded in 1985, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) is an organized research unit of the University of California, San Diego and is located on the UC San Diego campus. Its mission is to extend the reach of scientific accomplishments by providing tools such as high-performance hardware technologies, integrative software technologies, and deep interdisciplinary expertise to the community. SDSC has served more than 10,000 researchers at 300 academic, government and industrial institutions globally.

The SCSC’s cold-aisle containment design incorporated 130 Knurr racks, most of which are open-framed.