Liebert Case Study - Little Creek Casino


Little Creek Casino

The thought of Little Creek Casino closed because of power problems always kept Jim Henne, Little Creek’s manager of management information systems, on the edge of his seat.

Case Summary
Location: USA


  • Liebert GXT2 double conversion uninterruptible power systems

Critical Need
Deliver clean, continuous data center power to more than 500 casino play and point-of-sales stations despite undependable power source.


Following the test period, Little Creek Casino ordered 135 Liebert GXT2 UPSs to replace the 300 line interactive units throughout the casino.

Using very small UPSs and only adding capacity as needed seemed like an economical approach to power protection, but instead created a system that was very difficult and costly to manage. Little Creek will experience significant savings just in battery replacement costs as a result of the changes that were made.

Data center management was pleased with the Liebert solution Davis Enterprises recommended and implemented. It eliminated concerns regarding business continuity.

Liebert data center solutions allow Little Creek Casino to deliver better solutions to its customers. Having a Liebert representative enables the company to get same-day response to inquiries and the confidence in knowing the Liebert UPS is going to provide the protection customers expect.

 To read more, download the Little Creek Casino  case study

For the team at Little Creek Casino, the switch to Liebert double conversions UPSs has eliminated costly downtime resulting from insufficient power protection.