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Refining and Petrochemicals

In Refining and Petrochemicals applications, UPS systems must be designed for at least 15 to 20 years and must include a good level of customization in order to meet the differing requirements of key users. Beyond the power protection side, one of the key elements in selecting a UPS for Refining and Petrochemicals is its capability to send information to a remote control room via several field bus (Modbus, Jbus, Profibus, DF1…).

Then, According to the on site application, several types of UPS systems will be used, with differing operational and mechanical characteristics:

  • Steam Cracking, catalytic cracking, distillation process: AC UPS systems installed for these specific processes will be used in dual redundant configurations to ensure reliability of the process and safety to the personnel. 
  • Site substation: DC UPS systems will be used to ensure back-up of the HV switchgear. It is of common used to have dual parallel rectifiers with a single or dual battery.
  • Control Room: A more standardized UPS system can be used for such application but the key decision maker will make sure of the capability of the rectifier to recharge the battery in the shortest time possible.

Chloride Industrial Power can assist you in designing the right solution for your application. Our engineering team is used to deal with such projects and would be pleased to recommend the right solution for you.