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Solutions for Small / Midsize Businesses

Don’t let our laundry list of global enterprise customers dissuade you. Avocent solutions can be found in organizations of all sizes. Delivering proven efficiencies, increased security and, of course, at-the-ready scalability. All to help you simply manage your IT challenges.

Your ROI is just as important as a mega-conglomerate’s.
We understand how vital it is to get the most from every operating dollar, every employee, every piece of equipment. Our solutions for the server room and the desktop can provide significant cost and space savings and greater time-management efficiencies for your network management personnel. These include:

Decreased server room down time – With tools that enable IT to more effectively manage, react to and anticipate infrastructure challenges

Remote access and management – Multiple computers, servers and routers can be controlled from a single set of peripherals

Centralization of desktop devices – Move valuable equipment away from harsh environments while still providing an “at-my-PC” user experience

SMB Solutions

Three innovative solutions to help you deal with the data center challenges of control, asset identification and management and branch infrastructure management.
Place equipment right where you need it by extending a variety of signals including video, audio, keyboard, mouse, serial and USB. Solutions include extension technology for a wide variety of applications and distance requirements.
SwitchView® KVM desktop appliances enable you to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to access multiple PCs – reducing the investment you have to make in peripheral devices and saving valuable desktop real estate.