Avocent - Solutions for OEM / Embedded Partners


Solutions for OEM / Embedded Partners

For more than 15 years, tier one OEM and ODM partners have counted on Avocent to help them maximize ROI while speeding time to market and maintaining the high standard of quality that their customers expect. Partnering with Avocent has allowed our OEM customers to meet their revenue goals and product schedules.  And since Avocent is a market leader in innovative products and services which help organizations simply manage data center complexity, it’s a strategic move on any manufacturer’s part to consider a partnership with us.

Avocent in the OEM space.
Avocent’s OEM expertise and experience, coupled with industry-leading products, technology and services, help some of the leading IT equipment providers to furnish complete solutions and meet customer needs.
  • More than 15 years of top tier OEMs branding and shipping Avocent hardware, software and firmware
  • Avocent’s OEM partners have shipped more than 1.5 million Avocent appliances
  • Avocent’s Embedded OEM and ODM partners have shipped more than
Embed. Rebrand. Customize. What Avocent offers OEMs.
Avocent has a rich seam of intellectual property developed over the past 20 years. Our extensive experience and breadth of capabilities is applied to applications demanding local and remote access and control; high performance media extension; power control and monitoring; and the secure and centralized management of discrete devices or an entire enterprise infrastructure.

Avocent offers OEMs the capability to embed, rebrand and customize our industry-leading products and technologies. We provide innovative solutions for integrated systems and security management of client infrastructure.

Avocent has more than 135 US and international patents as well as more than 189 other patent applications pending in various jurisdictions, covering our proprietary switching, connectivity, data center infrastructure management and discovery and other technologies.

Capabilities that meet OEM requirements.
It takes more than great products and technology to build successful OEM products. It requires capabilities that support the OEM process. We have years of experience providing successful:
  • Product Development and Technology Integration
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Global Service and Support
  • Global Operations: Fulfillment, Supply Chain Management, etc.
  • Quantity Assurance and Manufacturing Processes
  • OEM Structure and Approach

Examples of OEM Offerings from Avocent

DSView 3 software is the single-rack view needed for all your servers, embedded technologies, network equipment and power devices.
Avocent MergePoint® EMS allows original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM) the ability to implement powerful, remote access and device management functionality on platforms designed to support baseboard service processors.