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Data Center Solutions for Health Care and Pharmaceuticals 

Health Care and Pharmaceutical companies are faced with a unique set of IT infrastructure challenges. In health care, HIPAA and other industry regulations require the archiving of massive amounts of data which translates to large storage arrays. These large storage arrays put unique pressures on the data center in terms of their infrastructure requirements around power, cooling and even weight.

Pharmaceutical companies support mission critical manufacturing systems which require computing power. They also support large, dispersed sales organizations which are critical to their drug distribution and revenue. These systems need to be available 24x7 in order to support these sales efforts, with minutes of downtime impacting the bottom line. The data centers that support these systems must be maintained in a manner that meets FDA approval for manufacturing quality and product consistency.

The ability to manage mission-critical data centers within these environments requires better processes and tools. Aperture has successfully partnered with companies in these industries, helping their IT organizations meet their specific requirements and manage their mission critical data centers.

A select list of Aperture's Data Center Solution customers in the health care and pharmaceutical industries include: