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Aperture Professional Services
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As a part of our commitment to you, Aperture Professional Services has developed five unique objectives to ensure we assist you in the manner necessary to help evolve your data center operations. Aperture Professional Services specifically aims to:

  • Provide direct services to customers for the installation, implementation, validation, assurance and rollout of Aperture solutions.
  • Provide product and end-user training to enable the successful adoption of Aperture solutions within the customer’s production environment.
  • Provide guidance and advice to customers on the appropriate best practices involved in managing the data center and related processes involved with delivering IT services, as it relates to the physical infrastructure of the data center.
  • Provide indirect services to partners and affiliates in support of Aperture solutions.
  • Achieve the above objectives while delivering exceptional quality and assisting the customer in meeting financial targets.

In order to achieve such objectives and to attain complete customer satisfaction, our Professional Services team is comprised of seasoned consultants with extensive expertise and experience in the following disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Consulting Services
    • Application Optimization Consultancy
    • Data Center Management Best Practices
  • Engineering Services
    • Installation, Implementation, Configuration and Deployment
    • Application Architecture and Design
    • Asset and Change Management Systems Integration

Aperture Assesment for Existing Aperture Customers
Aperture Professional Services will perform an assessment of your existing Aperture implementation to ensure that you are fully leveraging the power of the Aperture solution. Aperture will review your existing Aperture solution and will meet with key personnel to understand both your current and desired state, and will document a plan to more fully utilize Aperture’s products and services.