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Aperture Product Maintenance
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Aperture is dedicated to providing superior technical and product support on an annual Product Maintenance subscription basis, which includes the following benefits:

  • Global customer support
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Premium Symbol support
  • Quarterly end user education
  • Reduced price at User Conference

Global Customer Support
Aperture Customer Support is the primary contact point for all issues related to doing business with Aperture, handling all inquiries including technical, financial and administrative. Aperture's Customer Support Team provides readily accessible answers to "how to" questions and can resolve any problems/issues that you may come across in the normal use of your solution. Every contact with our support unit is tracked and assigned an incident tracking number. Every interaction has a defined callback and/or resolution service level expectation, with a clearly defined escalation process based on the severity of the issue.

  • Support capability in United States, London and Vienna
  • Customer Support Administration Team serves as focal point for all interactions
  • Customer Relationship Database used to track and manage resolution to all issues
  • Level 3 Technical Services Team staffed with resources available for high priority issues

Product Updates and Upgrades
Aperture's commitment to customer success is embodied in our philosophy of continuous improvement to our software solutions. Support for new technologies, operating systems and third party products must continually be maintained and supported to have a successful solution. As part of Aperture Product Maintenance, customers receive major releases, version upgrades, and service packs.

  • Major releases including new features and technologies on an annual basis
  • Minor releases, on average 3x per year, offer increased functionality and performance improvements
  • Service packs providing incremental improvements are distributed throughout the year
  • Customers receive notification of all releases automatically via email

Aperture Symbol Support
As part of Aperture, customers receive Aperture's Symbol Library. This Symbol Library, an indispensable component of Aperture, is made up of detailed, scaled drawings of data center devices and equipment with their associated technical specifications (from their respective vendors).

  • Symbol Library contains over 35,000 Symbols
  • 24x7 access to Aperture's Symbol Web site for the latest Symbols
  • Symbols not currently in the library can be requested at no charge
  • Defined service level turn-around time for Symbol delivery and full satisfaction is guaranteed

End User Education
As part of Product Maintenance, you have access to Aperture's Educational Webcasts. These education sessions review all requirements for using the solution, and address the reporting, visualizing, and locating capabilities. Schedules are posted on Aperture's Web site with easy to follow signing-up instructions. As a customer on Maintenance you also have access to the full library of recorded Webcasts for viewing at your convenience.

Reduced Price at User Conference
The Aperture User Conference brings together users from across the globe for a highly interactive conference. It provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, Aperture's own professionals and your own professional peers to exchange ideas and engage in dynamic discussions about pertinent issues relevant to your business. As part of Aperture Product Maintenance, you also receive a discounted conference attendance fee enabling you to gain the benefits of the conference at a reduced rate.

You can also learn more from our Product Maintenance Data Sheet available for download in our Resource Library.