Aperture Customer Support


Aperture Customer Support

Aperture Customer Support is the primary contact point for all issues related to doing business with Aperture. We handle all inquiries including technical, financial, usability and administrative. Our goal is to work with you to obtain resolution to any issue you may encounter. If we cannot resolve your issues immediately, we will be the point of contact for leveraging other resources within Aperture to reach a speedy resolution.

Providing World-Class Support
Aperture is recognized as providing the highest levels of customer support through:

  • Specialized support methodology
  • Global standards and best practices to ensure consistent, accurate support
  • Skilled problem analysis/resolution
  • Focused, structured approach to solving critical, time-sensitive issues

Rigorous technical and customer training combined with practical hands-on experience with Aperture solutions ensure consistent, reliable and knowledgeable responses.

Aperture Support Site
The Aperture Support Site is an online resource for existing Aperture customers for answers to product-related issues and access to software updates. Learn more on the Aperture Support site or get to know our customers.

How to Reach Support
Phone: +1 800 342 9022 or +1 203 357 0800
Phone (UK): 0800 298 7665